Understand Fungi Before You Regret


You must have seen the fungus, sometimes on the bread, 
sometimes on the jam, sometimes on the fruits and vegetables.

 Have you ever thought that the fungus comes from these things? 

Do You know about it- Fungi are in a kingdom of their own but are closer to animals than plants

If I can tell you about the fungus in a few words, it will be the definition of it

Fungi are the eukaryotic, achlorophyllous, and unicellular or multicellular organisms,

which may reproduce by asexual and sexual spores.

Fungi are Eukaryotic protists that always lack chlorophyll or any other pigment.

 Fungi are eukaryotes, just like plants and animals.

 This means they have a well-organized cell, characteristic of all eukaryotes.

Main characteristics of fungi


Nutrition The fungus is heterotrophic and absorptive.

Thallus The body of the fungus is called as ‘thallus’.

Eucarpic thallus- The thallus is differentiated into the vegetative part, which absorbs nutrients, and a reproductive part, which forms the reproductive structure. Such thalli are called as eucarpic

Holocarpic thallus-
The thallus does not show any differentiation on vegetative and reproductive structures.

After a phase of vegetative growth, it gets converted into one or more reproductive structures.

Such thalli are called as ‘holocarpic

Cell wall – The cell wall of fungi is a dynamic structure. 

That protects the cell from environmental stress and prevents from various effects.

That are caused due to changes in osmotic pressure.

It can be tough, flexible, and sometimes rigid.

Nucleus- Fungi are eukaryotes hence they have a true nucleus.

The cells of fungi have nuclei to contain DNA for reproduction and to carry out transcription for protein synthesis.

REPRODUCTION- The fungi reproduce by means of asexual and sexual or parasexual reproduction.

Asexual reproduction is sometimes called somatic or vegetative and it does not involve union of nuclei, sex cells or sex organs.

 The union of two nuclei characterizes sexual reproduction
Fungi are multifaceted



Fungi are found all over the place
 i.e. present everywhere in the water, soil and air, they are on high mountains in hot deserts and living or dead plants and animals grow on top of the leather, paper, cloth, plastic, etc.

Aquatic fungi-
Fungi are found in all types of aquatic habitats such as freshwater, seawater, etc. 

They grow in the bottom water, they grow on the dead life above plants and animals.

Soil fungi-

Soil that is rich in organic matter, they have excess in the soil, all the group fungi are present in the soil.

Such as from chytrids to Agaricus, and living organisms, parasites, symbiotic predators, etc. are found.

Creepy facts about fungi-
A fungus has been discovered capable of breaking down plastics in weeks rather than years

Watch this video and understand how the fungus works.

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