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Subsoiler plough is best suited for

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A reaper is used for

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A passive factor of production is-

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Power sprayers are operated at a pressure of 

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Turbochargers are  driven by

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BHP of an engine indicates

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syngamy results in information of which zygote?

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Which one of the following diseases is not caused by polluted water and unsanitary conditions?

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 Which one of the following is not the principle of farm Finance?

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Seed treatment with chemical?

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The chemical formula of gypsum?

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when the total product remains constant the marginal product will be?

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The income effect is stronger than the substitution effect for?

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The earthworm that is considered as surface dwellers live near the soil surface is called as?

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 Weathering process in nutrient management capacious influence availability?

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1 Which one of the transports cannot be stored used for the renewable energy source? 

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Ammonia present in the soil be lost in significant quantities from

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The optimum plant population of sodium can be obtained by using seed rate

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 which of the following is an incorrect pair?

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All the grain legumes have a high rate of respiration because of:-

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Castor belong to the family

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which of the following alternate land-use system not suitable for cultivable waste and marginal lands

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What does 'Jhuming' refers to

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Nature farming was developed in the country

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The most dominant aquatic weed Eichhornia crassipes is controlled by

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The major gas responsible for the greenhouse effect is

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The quantity of water (g) necessary for a plant produce 1 kg of dry matter is called

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Total number of Agro-ecological zones in India are

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Which is the accumulated in the leaves of water-stressed plants

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The instrument used for measuring the depth of the water table is

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Feldspar is a primary mineral that occurs pre-dominantly in-

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The CO2 content in rainwater is

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The experimental design which provides the maximum degree of freedom for error is

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