Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Organic Farming.



These topics we will discuss in this blog

1- What is organic farming 
2- Advantages or Disadvantages of organic farming
3- What is the effect on soil and nature 
4-How organic farming relate to over health
5-  what reason farmers join organic farming

1- What is organic farming 

If you are a farmer and you are thinking about organic farming, then you are thinking very well

Organic farming (OF) is a farming system that uses environmentally friendly methods of weed, pest, and disease control.
Organic farming does not use fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, etc. 
Organic farming depends on crop rotation and the resources present in nature.
Today’s person has become very cautious about health and 
Now he has come to know that organic food is very 
important for health and he is consuming more organic fruits and vegetables.


2- Advantages or Disadvantages of organic farming


 You know that every coin has two sides, similarly, this farming also has two sides. Its disadvantages are less and the benefits are greater.

1- Farmers can reduce their production costs because they do not need to buy expensive chemicals and fertilizers
2- Healthier farmworkers.

3- In the long term, organic farms save energy and protect the environment.

4- It can slow down GLOBAL WARMING.

5- It not only saves energy for both animal and machine but also reduces the risk of crop failure.

6-It improves the soil physical properties such as granulation, good tilth, good aeration, easy root penetration and improves water-holding capacity and reduces erosion.

7- It helps to maintain environmental health by reducing the level of pollution.

8-It reduces human and animal health hazards by reducing the level of residues in the product.

9 It helps in keeping agricultural production at a sustainable level.

Disadvantages of organic farming

1- Organic farming cannot produce enough food that the world’s population needs to survive.
This could lead to starvation in countries that produce enough food today.
2- Production costs are higher because farmers need more workers.
3- Organic food is more expensive because farmers do not get as much out of their land as conventional farmers do. Organic products may cost up to 40% more.

what is the effect on soil and nature

Air and climate change. Organic agriculture reduces non-renewable energy use by decreasing agrochemical needs (these require high quantities of fossil fuel to be produced).
Organic agriculture contributes to mitigating the greenhouse effect and global warming through its ability to sequester carbon in the soil.
 Many management practices used by organic agriculture 
(e.g. minimum tillage, returning crop residues to the soil, the use of cover crops and rotations, and the greater integration of nitrogen-fixing legumes),
Increase the return of carbon to the soil, raising productivity and favouring carbon storage
In organic farming, it is important to constantly work to build a healthy soil that is rich in organic matter and has all the nutrients that the plants need. 
Several methods viz. green manuring, addition of manures and biofertilizers, etc can be used to build up soil fertility.

How organic farming related to our health

Organically produced food has a higher nutritional value and better taste.
 These foods tend to contain higher levels of antioxidants, and vitamin C.
 They are also nutritious and have essential minerals such as iron and calcium.
There are many nutritional, environmental, economic and health benefits associated with the consumption of organic foods.
 Nutritionally speaking, USDA does not claim that organic foods are safer or more nutritional than conventionally grown products. 
Yet, some studies have found that organic foods have higher amounts of minerals and some vitamins, less heavy metals, better quality protein, and less nitrates.
Organic food contains 10-50% higher phytonutrients, higher minerals, and dry matter

what reason farmers join organic farming

Farmers are adopting this because of the fertility of the soil increases and the cost of chemicals is very high,
They do not have to be used in organic farming and their animals get pure fodder so that their animals do not get sick.
In this farming, the cost comes down and the profit is more, hence farmers are adopting this farming.





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